The Ferim Mountain Range is an active series of volcanos near the Blueglass Sea. The mountain range technically extends into the sea itself, forming a penninsula known as Teria Pick, and a string of islands and coral known as Feril's Finger. On the opposite side of teh range extend a large forest. Draconic lore holds that the range was the home of a primal fire elemental near the beginning of the world, which created the mountains. This elemental has never been witnessed in the history of all mortal races, and it is speculated that it has left the prime material plane for the elemental plane of fire, closing the portal behind.

The mountains are rich in many different minerals and gems, including a massive source of gold, black diamond, ruby, obsidion, silver, iron, tin, mithril, adamantite, and even including small deposits of Orichalcum.

Eight-thousand years ago, dwarves dug an underground city in these mountains near the portal to the plane of fire known as Roathin, warding off the heat through use of magic. Their success in mining allowed them to line the walls with gold, using the soft metal as building material. The dwarven wizards have reopen the portal, warding it so that only the heat could pass through it and warm the cold galleries. When their wards failed, however, the city was abandoned until recently, when it was inhabited by Azer refugees from beyond the portal.

In recent times, the normally inactive volcanos have gone into overdrive, flooding the nearby landscape with rivers of lava and plains of fire, extending Teria Pick and connecting a few of the former islands of Feril's Finger to the mainland.

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