Edward, The Hunter PL 9

STR 10 DEX 16 CON 13 INT 16 WIS 13 CHA 12

Saves: Damage +2 Fortitude +2 Reflex +3 Willpower +2

Defense 23 / 19 BDB +9

BAB +9 melee +9 ranged +13

Initiative +7 (Improved Initiative) Hero/Villain Pts 5 Speed 30 / 45 (Flight)

Skills: Computers +9 Open Lock +5 Language (Sign) Listen +5 Repair +9 Search +10 Spot +5

Feats: Above the Law, Aerial Combat, Arch-Nemisis (Green Man), Assessment, Dodge, Evaluate, Improved Initaitive, Move-By Attack, Point Blank Shot, Track

Powers: Super-Intelligence [2pp] +4 Armor [Extra: Flight, Datalink, Energy Control (Chemical), Tear Gas (Dazzle) 5pp Powerstunts: Bolos (Trip Attack), Net Gun (Snare), Energy Blast (Fire), Obscure 53 total pp] +9

Weakness: Disabled (Mute) Quirk (Hateful of Plants)--The incident with Venus Man-Tap has psychologically scarred Edward into hating all living plants. If there are any opponents with plant based powers or any animated plants, Edward will attack them first, with almost no regard to his own safety. All attacks against him while engaged with said enemy is against his flat-footed Defense

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