DYNAMO, PL: 8, Electricity Elemental, Name: Barrett Lorentz, Male, Size: Medium; INIT: +5, DEF 20/15; SPEED 30, FLIGHT 35; MELEE +10, RANGED +10, MENTAL +5, SV: DMG +2, FORT +2, REF +5, WILL 0; STR 8, DEX 20, CON 14, INT 15, WIS 10, CHA 10.

SKILLS: Acrobatics* +6/1, Computers* +3/1, Drive* +6/1.

FEATS: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Immunity (crits), Immunity (suffocation), Immunity (exhaustion), Immunity (poison), Immunity (pressure), Immunity (heat), Immunity (cold).

POWERS: ALTERNATE FORM:ENERGY [+7] [SOURCE: Mutation], [Free] [Personal] [Sustained] [save:N/A], Incorporeal [+7], [Free] [Personal] [Sustained] [save:N/A], Energy Field [+7], [Free] [Touch] [Sustained] [save:DMG], Protection [+7], [None] [Personal] [Permanent] [save:N/A], Flight [+7], [Half] [Personal] [Sustained] [save:N/A], PS: Super-Flight, Flaw: Electricity Only [+7], Extra: Continuous [+7],

ENERGY CONTROL - ELECTRICITY [+7], [Half] [Normal] [Sustained] [save:Varies], Extra: Energy Blast (Stun) [+7], [Half] [Normal] [Instant] [save:DMG],

ANIMATION [+1], [Half] [Normal] [Sustained] [save:N/A], Flaw: Electrical Objects Only [+1],

DATALINK [+1], [Half] [Normal] [Sustained] [save:N/A], Extra: Any Electronics.

COST: abilities 17, combat 25, skills 3, feats 6, powers 69, weakness 0, total 120.

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