The Duchess

The Duchess is a vampire, and this is obvious to just about anyone that sees her. She has very pale skin, though ravishingly good-looking, and displays fangs when she chooses to do so. The Duchess wears a very revealing form-fitting costume consisting of a v-necked black top with red stripes, black culottes, and black slippers. She wears wrist-length black gloves as well, and occasionally a dark blue cape to complete the ensemble. The Duchess is of Caucasian origin, and looks to be in her early thirties. She stands 6’0”, weighs 135 lbs., has very long white hair, and light blue eyes.

Note: The Duchess is an Undead type, which, like Constructs, gives certain benefits and drawbacks to the character. She does not have a CON score, and cannot be affected by powers or effects that are based on Fort saves. But because she doesn’t have a CON score, she can’t raise it to help her Dam save, and is also affected by powers or effects that specifically target Undead. She is also required to spend 12 PP on the ‘Undead Immunities’ listed above.

The Duchess 191 PP

PL 12; Init +1; Defense 18; Spd 30 Run, 25 Fly (Animal Form Only); BAB +7; ATK +12 Melee (+10L Dam, Bite), +8 Ranged (+0S Dam, None); SV Dam +0, Fort N/A, Ref +1, Will +9; STR 20, DEX 13, CON N/A, INT 18, WIS 20, CHA 20.

Skills: Bluff (2) +10, Diplomacy (2) +10, Hide (5) +6, Intimidate (4) +12, Knowledge – Occult (3) +7, Listen (5) +10, Move Silently (5) +6, Sense Motive (7) +12, Spot (5) +10, and Taunt (2) +10.

Feats: Attractive, Improved Grapple, Indomitable Will, Infamy, Iron Will, Leadership, Power Immunity, Psychic Awareness, Startle, and Undead Immunities (Aging, Disease, Exhaustion, Poison, Starvation, and Suffocation).


  • Drain CON +5 [Resisted by FORT, not WILL; Extras: Natural Weapon (Bite) and Slow Recovery – 1 PP/Minute; Flaw: Limited – CON Only; Source: Mystical (Vampire Powers); Cost: 15 PP],
  • Incorporeal +3 [Affected by Fire/Heat Attacks; Source: Mystical (Vampire Powers); Cost: 6 PP],
  • Mental Protection +6 [Source: Psionics; Cost: 12 PP],
  • Mind Control +8 [Extra: Mind Blank; Flaw: Restricted – Gaze Attack; Source: Psionics; Cost: 16 PP],
  • Protection +7 [Source: Mystical (Vampire Powers); Cost: 14 PP],
  • Shapeshift +5 [Extra: Movement; Flaw: Limited – Animals; Source: Mystical (Vampire Powers); Cost: 10 PP],
  • Super-Charisma +3 [Source: Mystical (Vampire Powers); Cost: 6 PP],
  • Super-Wisdom +2 [Source: Psionics; Cost: 6 PP].

Equipment: None.

Weaknesses: Susceptible to Sunlight and Vulnerable to Fire/Heat Attacks.

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