Millyshia    CR 7

Female Drow Monk 6

Lawful Evil Medium Humanoid (Elf, Drow)

Init +3, Senses Listen +13; Spot +4; Darkvision 120 ft.

Languages Common, Elven, Undercommon

AC 18, touch 15, flat-footed 15 (+1 Bracers, +3 Dex, +1 Natural, +2 Wisdom, +1 Monk)

hp 31 (6d8+3 HD)

Resist Still Mind, Purity of Body; SR 17

Fort +5, Ref +8, Will +7

Spd 50 ft. (10 squares)

Melee Unarmed Strike +6 or +5/+5 (1d8+2 Magic)

Base Atk +4; Grp +10

Space 5 ft. ft.; Reach 5 ft.

Atk Options Combat Reflexes

Special Actions Improved Trip

Spell-like Abilities (CL 6): 1/day - Faerie Fire, Darkness

Abilities Str 14 (+2), Dex 16 (+3), Con 10 (+0), Int 10 (+0), Wis 15 (+2), Cha 12 (+1)

SQ Drow Traits

Feats Improved GrappleB, Combat ReflexesB, Improved Trip, Skill Focus (Sense Motive), Skill Focus (Escape Artist), Toughness

Skills Escape Artist+15, Search+2, Sense Motive +14, Tumble+12

Possessions Bracers of Armor +1(Look like a set of locked but unconected Shackles), Collar of Natural Armor +1(Looks like an iron slave collar and is always locked), Ring of Sustenance(Has been permenently made Invisible)


Millyshia is a slave that works at Madam Sienna's House of Delights in Darkpact. She is one of the slaves in the "Living Toys Rental Program". However, that is accually a cover story for her real job, mostly. She is really a spy that uses her "Slave" status to get information on various big-wigs in Darkpact to trade for "Favors" such as the Enchanting of her Shackles and Collar into useful Magic Items. Her eventual goal is to use the secrets she has learned to gain both Her freedom and enough wealth to leave Darkpact forever.