Origin of Species: Desert Roses

Spellcraft DC: 12 Components: DF Casting Time: 3 days Range: 1600 sq ft area emanating from the caster Effect: NA Duration: Permanent Saving Throw: None Spell Resistance: No To Develop: 4 days, 153,000GP + 6,120XP Seeds: Conjure (DC21). life (DC27). Factors: 300% increase in area (+12) Mitigating Factors: 500 XP (-5), 3 additional casters each contributing 5th level spell slots (-27), 5 additional casters each contributing 1st level spell slots (-5), Increased casting time (-6), Backlash 5D6 (-5)

This spell creates desert roses emanating from the point of the caster. These are non-magical, non-extraordinary plants that propigate normally in temperate to hot desert conditions that aren't particularly sandy. They can be used for several purposes, including the making of paper and flour, or their fibrous stalks woven into sturdy baskets. They are not true roses, but a tough, flowering plant related more to lichens and cacti.

XP Cost: 500

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