Cyber-Knight always appears in a very shiny suit of metal armor. This armor is nearly Medieval in style, although it certainly has very obviously modern elements, and is not constructed of normal metal alloys. The armor includes a large helmet, which serves to make the villain even more imposing. He carries the Vibrosword, which, when activated, makes an audible buzzing sound. Cyber-Knight rides a mechanical horse into combat, and he either fights on horseback or sometimes dismounts if the situation calls for it.

Cyber-Knight 184 PP

PL 12; Init +1; Defense 16; Spd 30 Run, 50 Ride; BAB +8; ATK +14 Melee (+17S Dam, Vibrosword), +9 Ranged (+0S Dam, None); SV Dam +11, Fort +11, Ref +1, Will +1; STR 20, DEX 13, CON 20, INT 10, WIS 12, CHA 17.

Skills: Climb (2) +11, Handle Animal (2) +5, Intimidate (4) +13, Jump (2) +11, Ride (6) +7, and Taunt (8) +11.

Feats: Attack Focus – Armed, Great Fortitude, Improved Critical – Vibrosword, Move-By Attack, Power Attack, Quick Draw, and Toughness.


  • Datalink +5 [Source: Super-Science; Cost: 10 PP],
  • Mental Protection +4 [Source: Training; Cost: 8 PP],
  • Regeneration +5 [Source: Super-Science; Cost: 10 PP],
  • Super-Constitution +4 [Source: Super-Science; Cost: 16 PP],
  • Super-Strength +4 [Source: Super-Science; Cost: 16 PP].


  • Cyber-Steed [Vehicle; Type: Ground; Size: Large; Movement: 10 (50); Hardness: 12; Armor: 0; Source: Super-Science; Cost: 12 PP],
  • Fusion Meta-Armor [Protection] +7 (Sensory Protection +5; Source: Super-Science; Cost: 12 PP],
  • Vibrosword [Strike (Melee)] +8; Source: Super-Science; Cost: 8 PP].

Weakness: None.

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