Cruciamentum Power Level: 10

Character Name: unknown Group Affiliation: Children of Cain Gender: male Age: 27 Height: 5'11" Weight: 160 lbs Hair: black Eyes: brown

STR: 14 +2 DEX: 14 +2 CON: 18 +4 INT: 12 +1 WIS: 18 +4 CHA: 10 -

Saves Dmg: +14 Fort: +14 Ref: +2 Will: +6

Defence: 12/14 Initiative: +2 Villain Pts: 5 Speed: 15 ft

Base Attack Bonus: +5 Melee Bonus: +7 Ranged Bonus: +7 Psychic Attack Bonus: +9

Feats Assessment Attack Focus (Mental Blast) Detect Life Iron Will Indomitable Will Power Attack Precise Shot Rapid Healing Rapid Shot Startle Trance

Powers Sharing the Gift of Suffering Mental Blast +10L (Cost: 3 PP/lvl) (Total Cost: 30 PP) [Flaw: Full Effect] [Extra: Area]

Taking the Pains of Others Unto Oneself Healing+ 10 (Cost: 2 PP/lvl) (Total Cost: 20 PP) [Flaws: Others Only, Empathic Healing] [Extra: Regeneration]

Divine Fortitude Amazing Save: Damage +10 (Cost: 1 PP/lvl) (Total Cost: 10 PP) Amazing Save: Fortitude +10 (Cost: 1 PP/lvl) (Total Cost: 10 PP)

Skills Acrobatics (Dex) -/+2 Untrained Balance (Dex) -/+2 Bluff (Cha) -/-10 Climb (Str) -/+1 Computers (Int) -/+2 Untrained Concentration (Wis) 3/+7 Craft (Int) -/+2 Demolitions (Int) -/+2 Diplomacy (Cha) -/-10 Disable Device (Int) -/+1 Untrained Disguise (Cha) -/+0 Drive (Dex) -/+3 Untrained Escape Artist (Dex) -/+3 Forgery (Int) -/+1 Gather Information (Cha)-/+0 Handle Animal (Cha) -/- Untrained Hide (Dex) 5/+8 Innuendo (Cha) 2/+2 Intimidate (Cha) 10/+10 Jump (Str) -/+2 Knowledge (Int) -/+1 (religion) 5/+6 Language (N/A) - Listen (Wis) -/+4 Medicine (Wis) 4/+8 Move Silently (Dex) 3/+6 Open Locks (Dex) -/+3 Untrained Perform (Cha) -/+0 Pilot (Dex) 1/+4 Profession (Wis) -/+4 Read Lips (Int) -/+1 Untrained Repair (Int) -/+1 Untrained Ride (Dex) -/+3 Untrained Science (Int) -/+1 Search (Int) 4/+5 Sense Motive (Wis) -/+4 Sleight of Hand (Dex) -/+3 Untrained Spot (Wis) 1/+5 Survival (Wis) -/+4 Swim (Str) -/+2 Taunt (Cha) 10/+10

Weaknesses Quirk (religious mania) -10:

Quirk (masochist) -10: Cruciamentum(Latin for 'torment' or 'suffering') sees the savage wounds his body bears as marks of divine favour, as he can heal others by taking on their injuries (Healing with Empathic flaw) and can bestow injuries from his body as an attack on others (Mental Blast). Accordingly he often inflicts pain or injuries on himself as a rite of worship, just as flagellants used to whip themselves.

Disturbing (major) (-10): Hideous scarring and disfigurement, permanent stigmata and an almost palpable aura of fanaticism make Cruciamentum an extremely disturbing figure.

Disabled (lame) (moderate) -5: Due to the injuries to his feet from the permanent stigmata he bears, Cruciamentum's base move speed is halved and he cannot sprint.

Total Point Costs Attributes: 26 Attack: 15 Defence: 4 Feats: 22 Skills: 48 Powers: 70 Weakness: -35

Total: 150

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