In a homebrew campaign, to the south of the main 'civilized' area lived a colony of jungle-dwelling natives. The PCs never ran into the Chief and his elite guard, but I had them rolled up just in case. The only use of the Complete Adventurer is the Monkey Grip feat which the Chieftain has. If you don't want to use this, make his sword Medium sized and swap out that feat.

Description Edit

The Chieftain of the native village in the south is always defended by a number of his guard. There are ten in total, but usually only two or three are present during non-hostile times. If a battle takes place in the village, 2d4 more guards will appear every 1d4 rounds (roll again each time a group appears) until all ten are there.

The Chieftain himself is no pansy either; he’s a warrior too, and better than his guards, since the Chieftain attains that post by combat. If the Chieftain is in combat as well, his guards seek to provide flanking for him, and keep him from being flanked.

The weapons they wield are ancient gifts from their native gods. One is a Brilliant Energy sword which is the symbol of leadership in the village, and the dispenser of Justice (eye for eye mentality) there. Ten flaming swords accompany it as the ceremonial defenders of the leader. A twelfth item was given, to be given to the Chieftess of the village, to balance the death dealt by the eleven swords. The twelfth is a gold scepter with a gem of seeing at its apex. This gift of twelve items was one of the bases for the natives' numbering system (a base-twelve numbering system).