Power Level: 6

Str: +1, Dex: +0, Con: +2, Int: +1, Wis: +2, Cha: +1 Melee: +3, Ranged: +3, Initiative: +4, Defense +4 Dmg save: +4, Fortitude +2, Reflex +0, Will +4

Powers: Exorcism........ Neutralize +5 [Source: Faith; Flaws: Limited- Possession only; Cost: 1; Total: 5] & Banish +5 [Source: Faith; Power Stunts: Proscribe; Flaw: Limited- Demons and undead only, Tiring; Cost: 1; Total: 5]

Suthros' Curse....... Regeneration +6 [Source: Mystical; Extras: Regrowth, Resurrection; Flaws: Limited- healing process requires one hour, Restricted- requires Lazarus rites be performed, Restricted-regeneration only activates upon “death”, stops after he is reborn; Cost: 1; Total: 6]

Threshold +3 [Source: God?; Cost: 4; Total: 12]

Skills, Trained (4): Craft (holy relics & ammo), Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge (local), Knowledge (police), Language (Latin), Notice, Perform (preach), Sense Motive Skills, Expert (9): Knowledge (occult), Knowledge (religion), Profession (detective)

Feats: Connected, Coverup, Detect (demons), Durability, Immunity (aging), Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Nerves of Steel, Toughness, Where is the Body?

Weaknesses: Limited Action (Vows of priesthood) Transformation (unstable personality - returns from death in a wild state)

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