Blink PL: 10

Name: Anthony Andretti Size: Medium Gender: Male Age: 18 Height: 5'9" Weight: 175 Lbs Hair: Blond Eyes: Blue Occupation: Fed Ex Courier

ABILITIES STR 10 +0 DEX 20 +5 CON 14 +2 INT 18 +4 WIS 10 +0 CHA 12 +1

SAVES DMG +2/+17 (Evasion)/ +12 (Spinning) FORT +2 REF +7/+17 WILL +0

MOVEMENT INIT +19 SPEED 80/160/10240


BASE ATT (Bought As Separate) MELEE +15 RANGED +5 MENTAL +0

SKILLS (Only skills w/ Points Spent) Bluff [6/5], Craft: Electronics [5/1], Craft: Mechanics [5/1], Disable Device [10/6], Repair [10/6], Search [10/6]

FEATS Dodge, Evasion, Lightning Reflex, Imp. Initiative, Herioc Surge, Attack Finesse, Rapid Strike, Move-by Attack (Flaw: Linked to SS), Suprise Strike (Flaw: Linked to SS), Immunity: Heat (Flaw: Device - Suit)

POWERS Super Speed 10 ranks, Extra: M1 Punch, PS: Spinning, PS: Whirlwind Attack, PS: Wall Run, PS: Water Run, Flaw: -5 ranks of Super Run

Duplication 10 ranks, Extra: "Mental Link", Flaw: Feedback, Flaw: Shared Damage (All Dups use original's mods)

Shapeshift 1 rank Extra: Continuous, Flaws: Human Only, Clothing Only

Mental Protection - 5 ranks (Blurring Thoughts)

WEAKNESSES Extremely Impulsive, Vulenerable (Time-based attacks), Susceptible (Fully restrained), - Breaks bones and pulls muscles trying to escape

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