Beliel The Skin Rider Alter Ego: Zhazzch´wort of the 5th Circle Origin: Demon PL: 14 (210) Sex: N/A (As Host) Height: N/A (As Host) Waight: N/A (As Host) Age: Sevral thousend years Eye´s: Red (Or as Host) Hair: N/A (As Host) Nationality: 5th Circle of Hell

Str - Dex - Con - Int 18 (+4) Wis 20 (+5) Cha 16 (+3)

Saves: (Mental Protection 5) Dam - Fort - Ref - Will +5

BAB +6 BDB +8

Feats: Assesment, Iron Will, Indominatabel Will, Photographic Memory, Trance

Super Feats: Dark Vision, Durability, Power Immunity (Host), Psychic Awareness, See invisability, True Sight, Ultra Hearing

Skills: (Ranks only) 2-1 deal

Concentration +4, Disguise +10, Knowledge: Hell +10, Knowledge: Occoult +6, Sense Motive +4

Powers: Posession +15 (Extra: Mind Blank, Rationalize Flaw: Can not affect any user of the Sorcery power, Restricted Gaze only) Cost: 45; Mind Control +10 (Extra: Area Flaw: Emotion(Anger) only) Cost: 20; Mental Protection +5 Cost: 10; Super-Str +3 Cost: 12; Super-Dex +3 Cost: 12; Super-Con +3 Cost: 12; Boost +10 (Host Powers) (Extra: Permanent (is allways at max ranks if Belial is in charge) Flaw: No Physical powers) Cost: 20

Weekness: Susceptable (Holy Ground), Vulnerable (Sonic Attacks)

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