PL 15; Init +9 (Dex); Defense 27 (+8 base, +9 Dex); Spd 30 ft., climb 25 ft., jump 25 ft., teleport 50 ft.; Atk +12 melee (+11L plus poison, bite), +12 ranged; SV Dmg +7/+16 (+5 Protection), Fort +7, Ref +16, Will +7; Str 12, Dex 18, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 15, Cha 18 [70 pp total]

Skills: Bluff +14 (+9), Diplomacy +11 (+6), Intimidate +15, Listen +7, Profession (mercenary) +5, Search +6, Spot +7, Taunt +11 [12 pp total]

Feats: Attack Finesse, Blindsight, Evasion, Lightning Reflexes, Startle, Surprise Strike [12 pp total]


  • Amazing Save: Damage +5 [Extras: Fortitude, Reflex, Will; Cost: 4 pp],
  • Battle Form [Effect: Super Strength +5; Extras: Animal Affinity [Extras: Summon; Flaws: Vermin Only], Natural Weaponry, Protection, Super Dexterity, Super Charisma [Extra: Intimidating Presence], Super Senses; Power Stunts: Clinging, Leaping, Snare; Cost: 13 pp],
  • Swarm Form [Effect: Incorporeal +10; Extras: Absorption Healing, Survival, Swarm, Teleport; Cost: 6 pp],
  • Venom [Effect: Paralysis +10; Extras: Triggered (successful bite); Flaw: Limited (bite must inflict damage), Range (touch); Cost: 1 pp] [161 pp total]

Weaknesses: Addiction (human blood), Disturbing, Vulnerable (area attacks while in Swarm Form)

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