The Ant

Real Name: John Miller Attributes: Str: 12 Dex: 16 Con: 20 Int: 18 Wis: 14 Cha: 12 Saves: Dam: +10 Fort: +10 Ref: +8 Will: +2 Base Attack: +6 Melee: Fists +7 (+6S) Ranged: Acid Bomb +9(+3S/L) Base Defense: +7 Defense: +10 Initiative: +3 Hero Points: 5

Feats: Dodge, Surprise Strike, Darkvision (Device), Tremorsense(The Ant automatically detects anything moving around on the ground within 30')

Skills: Science-Biology +8, Knowledge-Insects +9, Language-Ants, Listen +6, Science-Chemistry +10, Climb +12


  • Super-Strength +5 Extra : Tunnelling Power Stunts: Lifting Cost:5
  • Energy Blast -Acid +3 Extras: Area, Puddle** Power Stunts: Dual Damage Cost: 4
  • Dazzle +4 -Sight (Ant Swarm) Cost: 2
  • Amazing Save -Damage +5 Extras: Fortitude, Reflex Cost: 3
  • Climbing +5 Cost: 1

New Extra: Puddle. The acid from the bombs forms a puddle, as wide as the area that lasts as many rounds as ranks in the power. Anything crossing or remaining in the area without adequate protections takes damage.

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